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Back in 2006, MySpace was the place to be. If you look down south, in the states, it’s still where most of the social networking is happening. In Canada, we’ve moved on to Facebook. In fact we’re nearly the most active facebooking nation on the planet.

But eventually we’ll tire of that too. And when we do, what will be next?

Well, it just might be a mass migration back to our old myspace accounts as they have just rolled out MySpace apps. Yes, the zombie biting and friend rating and super poking is coming to myspace.

MySpace launched the developer platform about a month ago, as part of Google’s Open Social initiative, drawing about 5,000 application makers since then. Applications have been built in categories like music, movies, politics and polls.

One of the first apps to get written for the new service is Picnik. The cool photo editing tool that doesn’t require any downloads, you just mess with the photos right on the screen in someone’s library or right on their profile.

The new MySpace Apps are in public beta, so that means that while you can access and add them, there still could be a few bugs to sort out.

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