The Monthly Energy History Update email From My Nest

My Nest Home Energy Update

My Nest Home Energy Update

[twitter]There is one email each month that I don’t mind getting, it’s the one from my Nest.

Following along with the gamification that the Nest draws you into with trying to save energy, is the monthly email that explains exactly how well you did at saving energy and money.

Now, my monthly energy bill is a good black and white example of how well I’m doing compared to the previous month, but how am I doing in competition with the rest of the world? Yes, think of this Energy History Update email from Nest as a global scorecard to see how all Nest users are doing at saving money and energy.

Monthly Email Update From Nest

w00t! I’m 2 Leafs ahead of the pack!

The Nest Energy History Update also offers tips to help you save even more. As the transition season from heating to cooling (yes, Nest can manage your A/C too) is upon us, Nest is suggesting I get my ducting cleaned.

Nest Home Energy Update

I don’t have an air-conditioned home. We’re resorting to windows being left open at night to cool things down, and I’ve used the “away” feature to give my Nest a rest for the summer. Still, I notice our home temperatures can sneak up into the low 20s during the day. Using the same smart understanding that Nest employs to keep your home warm in winter, it can help you cool it down in the summer.

Need a great Father’s Day gift idea? Try a Nest. It’s a great gadget. Dad will enjoy installing it. And then the gamification will suck him right into the competitive sport of saving energy and money right after.

Thanks to Direct Energy for supporting Team Diabetes Canada and supplying me with a Nest so I can share my experience with you over the course of the year.

Sign Up to the Direct Energy 5-Year Comfort & Control Dual Fuel Plan and receive:
– A fixed rate of 8.59¢/kWh for your Alberta electricity that won’t change for the entirety of your 5-year contract term – guaranteed!
– Flex-through Alberta natural gas with the security of a winter cap of $5.99/GJ*
– A Nest Learning Thermostat™ – valued at $249 – at no additional cost**



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