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Here are the segment notes and links from March 11, 2012:


The New iPad was unveiled by Apple this week. While it’s not a radical shift in design, there’s a shift in how the device is to be used. The extra horsepower, crisper screen, better cameras, and new iLife apps are turning the iPad into a content creation device.

The first two generations of the iPad were mostly about content consumption, this one makes the move to actually using it to create. Talking is the new typing, touch is the new mouse. I have said that books may belong in a museum in the future, the keyboard and mouse may just join them. Some tech pundits are even saying that kids just entering school now may never have the need to learn typing, let alone cursive.

In the end, should you buy one? If you’re not on the iPad bandwagon yet, this is a great entry point. If you’re not heavy on trying to use the iPad as a replacement for a laptop, then getting the iPad 2 at a discount might be a good idea.

Just 3 weeks ago, Samsung released their Galaxy Note. A hybrid device, the Note staked out the “content creation” turf first. Called a “phablet” because it bridges the gap between phone and tablet, the Galaxy Note was a highlight of CES 2012, but since has underwhelmed. Despite a headline blaring 2 Million units sold since the device’s debut, that’s still half the number of iPhone 4S units Apple moved opening weekend.

app dealsAPP OF THE WEEK:
App Deals is one of the first apps you should install in your iDevice. It highlights apps that go on sale, price drops, free apps, and more. With more than 25 Billion Apps sold, it’s tough to keep track of the best ones – this app will help you grab some winners for free. Thomas and Friends, for example, is usually a couple of bucks but is a great freebie for kids right now.

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