When Rogers bowed to public pressure and offered the $30/6Gb data option for the launch of the iPhone 3G, it came with fine print saying the offer would expire August 31. Well, that’s this weekend, and Rogers is extending their little bonus for an extra month.

The Globe and Mail is reporting the proposed new plans are set to kick in October 1.

Rogers has decided to extend the current pricing plan for another month and will make it available to owners of all devices.

A new pricing model will kick in beginning Oct. 1, balancing consumer concerns and actual usage patterns, Ms. Hamilton said.

A monthly fee of $30 will buy 1 GB of data instead of 6GB. A cheaper package of $25 will give 500 megabytes, filling the needs of most customers based on early consumption trends, she said.

Other plans include $50 for 2GB, $60 for 3GB and $80 for 8GB. [Globe and Mail]

There was a lot of bitching and complaining when the data plans were first introduced, and while most people (91%) are using less than 200Mb a month, the more accurate usage rate hovers somewhere around 500-600Mb per month.

I’m guessing the wireless connection for the iPhone has a lot to do with that. I’ve kept mine turned off, just to see how far I could jack my data consumption, and despite using the iPhone as a sattelite radio receiver listening to stations from Toronto and Calgary, and streaming music through my dash via Last.fm, I’m still only at 578Mb of data.

If you’re an average user and still on the fence about the iPhone, wait until October and scoop the $25 / 500Mb plan.

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