The New Volvo S90 Is All About You

volvo s90

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vcc09795Volvo S90 presented with accessories

There’s a certain satisfaction when experiencing a product that is designed and tailored to be all about you.

It’s not being selfish,, it’s about appreciating what true customer service is all about. True customer service is an idea that puts the customer’s needs first. It’s about celebrating a chance to acknowledge taking time for yourself is important, it is a part of recharging, re-inspiring, and feeding our soul.

That kind of ‘I need to do this for me’ attitude goes beyond meditative walks and quiet baths, it goes to one of the places we spend most of our time during the week – our vehicle.

Volvo is a brand that has, historically, done things differently and in a truly Scandinavian way. One of the keys to their design is having it revolve around ‘you.’ The driver, the user, the owner is the focus of every little detail to create a perfectly luxurious experience that, yes, if you wanted to frame it that way, could be considered selfish.

And that’s okay.

This fall, the All-New S90 hit the Canadian market. It is a truly luxurious sedan.The secret to this new Volvo lies in a “cool and collected approach that doesn’t aspire to beat other brands at their own game, but rather to take the game to a new pitch.”

The new Volvo S90 is all about you. It’s about innovative technology, Scandinavian design, and premium finishes.

volvo s90Volvo S90 presented with accessories

More than 60 years of knowledge has led Volvo here. A car with innovations that makes your life better and more enjoyable as it puts the latest technology at your fingertips in a way that is human.

A car with beautiful, natural materials, and an audio system that realizes every note. A complete recreation of the acoustics of the Gothenburg Theatre will brush away the cacophony of the city and traffic leaving you the mindspace to truly relax and enjoy the drive.

The touch screen display in the center console is arranged portrait style. The dash controls are consolidated and this configuration offers a generous display size making maps easier to read.


Sensus Connect is the range of features that enrich the experience in your Volvo, including premium audio systems, enhanced connectivity and media functions and apps that entertain and inform.

Intuitive interfaces put you in control, audio systems and apps entertain you, and connectivity that keeps you in touch wherever you are.

Whichever seat you’re sitting in, the Premium Sound by Bowers & Wilkins audio system with 19 speakers and a unique air-ventilated subwoofer lets you hear the music you love as the artists intended. Controlling your car is easy as talking.

Sensus has a simple aim: to make your life easier and more fun. It’s about combining design, luxury, and technology with art to create a calm interior.

The Volvo S90 is a true luxury sedan made for the modern world. Learn more at 

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