NFL Tackles Twittering Stars

If you’re ready for some football, then this weekend is the one you’ve been looking forward to since the Superbowl last winter, the new NFL season kicks off and with it some new rules for the social media age we’re entering.

NFL officials are banned from making comments on the sites, while teams are not allowed to Tweet or update Facebook from 9 0minutes before kick off until after media interviews.

So that means no insight from Big Ben or Peyton Manning at halftime, and agents or friends aren’t allowed to use the player accounts during this time either.

Basically it’s not that the NFL has a problem with new media, it’s that old media has a problem with new media. Broadcast rights are a pretty penny when it comes to football and the networks are trumpeting quote “longstanding policies prohibiting play-by-play descriptions of NFL games in progress.”

Which is understandable and lame at the same time. You just KNOW that Chad Ochocinco or TO would take out a Blackberry or iPhone from their sock and tweet a touchdown celebration on week 1.



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  1. 2wicky
    September 11, 2009

    Ocho Cinco actually “quit” tweeting last week for some reason, but just resumed the other day again. He’s one of the more entertaining athletes on there and he definitely would tweet during games if he could. But I do think his quitting was NFL or agent related, they have to be quite careful on how much they expose (see Michael Beasley).

  2. Vidar Brekke
    September 12, 2009

    For those who are reluctant to go on Twitter, there is a great iPhone app the allows you to track the tweets of all the NFL players (as well as football reporters). It’s called Realtime Pro Football ’09”

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