Nik Lewis: CFL Twitter Superstar

If you or I were to fire off a blast on Facebook or Twitter about Sheila in accounting coming back from a vacation and how we “don’t like them,” we’d most likely get called in to HR and have some disciplinary action tossed our way.

When you’re Calgary Stampeder slotback Nik Lewis and you fire off a blast about a returning teammate, it’s just part of the program.

Nik says there have been times when he’s been “called to the principal’s office” about what he’s put on his social media streams, but he mostly uses it for good.

“It’s my media,” Nik says. “I love twitter because it’s instant access. They (fans and followers) don’t have to wait til tomorrow’s paper comes out, you can find out right now what’s going on.”

While Lewis is an athlete who easily gains attention with the slightest of mentions in the Twitterspehere, he still thinks it’s a valuable tool for everyday folk and businesses.

“It’s great to let other people just know what you’re doing. It makes it so much easier to spread the word real fast, you don’t have to go out and get an ad in the paper.”

The important thing is to remember that you are broadcasting when you use Twitter.  Your audience is not just your followers, but their two friends and so on and so on.  The message is easily magnified on Twitter through the power of retweets and comments.

You and I can’t (shouldn’t) use Twitter to be confrontational because we don’t have any equity with employers to get over the hump.  When celebrities and athletes sound off on Twitter its an instant way to switch on a spotlight and ascend to center stage with some immunity to the blowback.

Well, for some anyway.

When Paris Hilton tweeted about her new Chanel purse in July, she had no idea that would be the same purse she’d use to (allegedly) hide a baggie of cocaine.  When she was busted last week, snoops went back through her archived tweets and found a pic of the heiress proudly toting said purse.


The moral of the story? Twitter is a great way to get attention and exude influence on your followers.  Just remember the internet never forgets and so you should always use your twinfluence for good.

Here’s the audio of my interview with Nik Lewis

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