No Unlimited Plan Planned for Rogers iPhone

I have just received an email from Elizabeth Hamilton, the Rogers PR rep responsible for the iPhone.

For those who thought a unified voice of protest would lead to a back track, don’t hold your breath.

With respect to your general questions about iPhone 3G, Rogers is thrilled and proud to launch iPhone 3G on Canada’s fastest wireless network. We are eagerly preparing for launch day and after with our sales, service and support teams. The feedback from our customers is also excitement and sales demand, and there’s great anticipation for this device coming to Canada, so while I can’t possibly predict sales targets or inventory it’s our goal to put an iPhone 3G into the hands of every customer who wants one. I don’t have many details or logistics on activation at this time, although of course customer service will have all that at launch time.

With respect to inventory, rumours of changes are unfounded rumour – our inventory has remained the same throughout our announcements, and I believe that all carriers worldwide are anticipating high demand for the revolutionary iPhone 3G. Retail availability will be released shortly and Rebecca will keep you on a media list so that you receive our most up to date information.

With respect to online polls or petitions, we generally do not comment on those. We are pleased to offer our customers a variety of choices and a variety of value-bundled plans which they can find in the iPhone 3G pricing release of June 27, or view our website for in market voice and data smartphone plans from which to choose (for example, our $30 for 300 MB plan or our flex rate data plans). These plans are designed to meet the needs of a wide range of consumers.

If an existing customer, they can check their upgrade eligibility and keep their voice and smartphone data plan or sign up for another plan that suits their needs. We have flex rate data plans, a variety of voice plans and sms packs, as well as features that can be selected as a value pack or a la carte to suit our customers’ needs. I’ve attached some information on data we have just obtained that you may find useful – it’s from our current live testing of iPhone 3G on Rogers HSPA network and it shows the volume of select data activities you can do with each bundle’s data amount using the actual device.

You may have asked a question regarding unlimited data plans and while not all carriers of iPhone 3G are offering unlimited plans, I can’t speak to the business models or pricing strategies of other carriers or in other countries, but for Rogers, we believe that unlimited data plans could well charge our customers for more than they actually use.

In addition, with respect to contractual agreements, our business model – a wireless handset subsidy with a multi-year contract – is not unique in Canada. We purchase the handset at full price from the manufacturer and we offer it to Canadians at a heavily subsidized price, so that it’s accessible to as many of our customers as possible. In turn, our customers sign up for a service agreement on Canada’s fastest wireless network (and before you ask, I can’t speak to the details of our agreement, but this is heaviest subsidy we’ve ever carried on a device).

Once again, iPhone 3G is a revolutionary device and we’re very excited to bring it to Canada as the only carrier that chose to invest in building a 3G network.

I find this line to be very interesting.

we believe that unlimited data plans could well charge our customers for more than they actually use.

Rogers won’t offer you the unlimited plan, because you won’t use unlimited data. They’re protecting you from yourself.

Or, you know, keeping you in a limited data box so you go over your monthly allotment and are subjected to huge overage charges.



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  1. July 8, 2008

    What a load of crap, could this company be more deluded. I just hope that enough suckers don’t show up on friday to make Rogers feel justified in their pricing.

  2. July 8, 2008

    The worst part is that, many people will indeed buy the iPhone simply because they haven’t bothered doing the due diligence. For them, 400 MB and the pricing will sound about alright. Why do I say this? My best friend is a geek, and he said that he would buy the iPhone no matter what 🙁 If he thinks that way, I worry that many more people will too!

  3. July 8, 2008

    Man, that woman makes me livid. She must think we’re all a bunch of chumps. I really, really hope this whole situation blows up in their face.

    In the meantime, they now have 9 days left to change their tune, or I’m paying the ECF and leaving Rogers — and I’ll be happy about it.

  4. July 8, 2008

    Very interesting. I think the iPhone will be successful for Rogers. Why? Because of their vast marketing reach. Second, most people want something cool. Any what’s cooler than a BB? An iPhone!

  5. July 8, 2008

    Wow…great email, too bad Rogers seems to create these weird connotations about what we want out of thin air. I’m glad we don’t have unlimited, because with it I might just use too much data and have too much fun. Thanks Rogers!

  6. Brian
    July 8, 2008


    I got it, lets all use the limited data, but when we go over, we just say that it couldn’t cost us that much (with a $200 or $300 bill on our hands). Liz said unlimited data wouldn’t be cost effective for us. I want my bill lowered.

    So, thank you Liz. I’ll judge based on current market internet bandwidth rates are for shared 7mbps connections and if my bill is over that, you’ll be getting a phone call from me to help me take care of the overage charge, because you specified that unlimited data would be more expensive.

    Granted though, you should be fine because I won’t buy. I’m already pissed with Rogers as it is. They call me once per day (I answer every second day) and ask if I want to renew my contract. Each time I say no, and the next day they call again.


  7. July 9, 2008

    Dear Rogers,
    I would like unlimited data, because I am worried about high overage charges on a capped plan. I won’t buy an iphone until you offer unlimited data. You may wish to protect me from myself, but I am more interested in protecting myself from you.

    Most Canadians

  8. […] this week, Rogers’ spokesperson for the iPhone, Elizabeth Hamilton, released this statement: We are pleased to offer our customers a variety of choices and a variety of value-bundled plans […]

  9. Sweet deal
    October 20, 2008

    I use an iphone and to let you know 6 gb of data equals unlimited! In one month I barely used even 1 gb and i use it so much!

  10. […] You can read the rest of the email here–Thanks Buzz! […]

  11. […] You can read the rest of the email here–Thanks Buzz! […]

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