The Official Star Wars Trailer You Need To Watch Is The One From 1977

Official Star Wars Trailer

[twitter]The official trailer for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens has been released. JJ Abrams’ opening salvo for Star Wars fans has been greeted with many ovations.

As it should.

The debut of this official Star Wars trailer reaches the perfect balance of tease and satisfaction. There’s the appearance of the Millennium Falcon.

There’s cute little robots. There’s the ominous voice over of the Emperor signalling the awakening of the force on both light and dark sides. We get glimpses of the new cast, and re-imaginations of lightsabers.

It’s perfect.

But that’s not the official Star Wars trailer you need to see today. I mean, sure, watch it, but then watch the original Star Wars trailer. Just for comparison’s sake.

What was it like when Star Wars debuted in 1977? What has become a classic piece of modern culture, was launched with absolute camp. Honestly, I have no idea how “the story of a boy, a girl, and a universe,” became elevated to the iconic status it has today. If judging a book by its cover, the trailer for Star Wars: A New Hope should have guaranteed the “big sprawling saga of rebellion and romance,” be immediately dismissed.

The official trailer for Star Wars: A New Hope is absolutely terrible.

Wow. As beloved as the Star Wars franchise has become, that first film does have a rollicking dollop of camp on top of it, and if we didn’t treat it with so much reverence, it would be easily to satirically dismiss it (like the trailer attempts to do). But it survived the marketing, thankfully.

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