Old Media Makes Us Feel Better

I’ve said it before, print is dead. The way media is created and consumed is changing, but there’s one thing that new media can’t bring – bragging rights.

New media is so easy to create anybody can do it. It’s becoming pervasive. We can all write a blog, we can all post to YouTube, we can all become reporters with our smartphones and Twitter for breaking news.

But because new media is so omnipresent and so easy to create, it doesn’t feel special. Old media is still important and makes you feel differently when you get recognized by it. (Ask any blogger. There is a legitimacy added to their work when they are recognized by old media)

I’ve had my own blog for years but yesterday when my son was Kid Canada on Kids’ CBC, I beamed with pride. He’s been on YouTube from the day we could first here his heartbeat and my channel has nearly a quarter million views, but my. son. was. on. TV!

I wanted to tell everybody I knew.

Globe and Mail - Elf on ShelfAnd then this morning we’re in the Globe and Mail. I’ve got a blog network that has had more than 500 000 views. But that’s old hat. Today I’m in the paper all across Canada.

Don’t get me wrong, print is dead. I read this Globe and Mail article online last night a full 12 hours before I could get it on my doorstep. The way we consume our news is changing, digital is supplanting physical as the medium of consumption.

Unfortunately when print dies that special feeling of recognition it brings goes away too.

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