Online Speed Dating

speed dateIt’s a new year and if you’re looking for a new love, there’s a new way to get things done online.

Sure, you’ve tried the dating ads sites, but with the fuzzy pictures, email tag and sheer volume of contacts, it can be hard to keep track.

So why not spark up the webcam and “meet” some people wanting to date in a virtual webbed version of speed dating.

With Speed Date dot com, there are no long profiles to weed through, no endless questionnaires to fill out, just an easy and fun way to meet real people – live.

And it is live. You get to hook up on live 3 minute dates via webcam or text chat before you’re bumped off to the next contestant. You vote for who you like at the end of the session, and if they liked you too, you’re connected.

Cmon, what have you got to lose? Big meetups happen on Thursdays, check the schedule to find out when your town will be featured so you can meet locals… it’s free.

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