Perfect High Definition Camcorder – Panasonic HDC-SD5

panasonic hdc sd5It’s Halloween today which means Christmas shopping season starts tomorrow.

To get ready for the big day, you need to have the proper tools. There’s no joy in having a new video camera to open on Christmas Day, you want to have it to catch everyone else opening their gifts – not to mention those special times at the office Christmas party 😉

The Panasonic HDC-SD5is the camera you want. It’s a rugged high def video camera with virtually no moving parts. No discs, hard drive or tapes – this baby records on the tiny little SD cards.

It’s so comfortable in your hand, it feels like a toilet paper roll with a camera built into it. Some of the buttons are harder to reach if you have short fingers, so make sure you’ve got it snug in your palm before you start shooting.

Once you do start things up, it’s easy to zoom in tight with an advanced optical image stabilizer. Since this is HD, a tight zoom would blur if you had the shakes on a big screen, so this feature is needed and works very well.

When all your shooting is done, simply pop out the SD card and drop into your card reader, just like you’re doing with your digital camera now. No more long waits while the files are transferred in real time, or longer – it just takes a few minutes to have the files where you need to work with them.

The camera comes with its own video editing software, which I found a little clunky on my PC. However on my Mac, the video files were imported instantly into iMovie and I was editing in seconds.

While video of my 5 month old son cooing and giggling is hardly as gripping as watching the Planet Earthseries in HD, it does make for a perfect high quality memory that will last.

The Panasonic HDC-SD5 is suggested to retail for $1199 in Canada and $999 in the US.

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