Pretty in Pink

This article originally appeared in 24hrs Vancouver on February 13, 2008

Tis the season to feel the pressure – if you’re a man. We’re being bombarded with stories about diamonds and romance and flowers this week, and if it’s just not coming together in a way you’d like, there is a simple solution. Think Pink.

Cupid has a quiver full of female friendly gadgets all blinged out in the colours of the season. Just last month, Apple released a pink edition of the iPod Nano. It’s just like the regular edition, except pink – making it a totally acceptable Valentine’s gift.

Creative also has a pink version of their Zen Stone, Sony has a pink edition of the PSP on shelves, and SanDisk has a cute pink Cruzer thumb drive.

Pretty much everything comes in pink this year, even a Miss Army Knife. Because nothing says l love you like a little corkscrew with nailfile and tweezers built in.

Now if you prefer a deeper colour for the day, think Red. Dell has hopped aboard the Product Red party and is offering a variety of portable red laptops that give you something new to work on, and give back to those in the developing world.

With just a day til Valentine’s the deadline may come to quickly for you, so give the gift of flowers – virtual flowers.

They’re free, all you need to do is just tell your Google Desktop running friend to go and get the plugin. Then they’ll receive a nice little virtual flower pot that needs care and attention. Give it the love you would real flowers and you’ll soon see virtual tulips growing right on your desktop.

If looking for love is a priority this week, take the plunge into online dating. If you have a Facebook page with “single” in your status, you’re already doing it.

Claire Kendon is working local dating site, Plenty of Fish. She feels like it has the largest volume of locals, and it’s good for the budget – it’s free.



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