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Are you a prosumer or a consumer?

A consumer is just a regular, run of the mill Joe, while the prosumer isn’t quite an expert in the field, but knows a little more. Yknow, a hobbyist.

The line between consumer and prosumer is getting blurred constantly in the gadget world as more and more sophisticated technologies become more affordable and available.

Think of recording. 20 years ago you needed an expensive set up, now artists like Bryan Adams are doing albums in hotel rooms with little more than a laptop and microphone, and with iTunes and GarageBand on a Mac – you could do the same – if you really understood how to use it.

Same with photography. With the release of Apple’s Aperture 2, the tools previously saved for the professional snapper are now easily accessible for the hobbyist.

But the difference beween prosumer and consumer requires one vital distinction – just because you can use it, doesn’t mean you should use it. The new Aperture offers a world of possibilities for photo manipulation and sorting, but unless you’re taking hundreds of shots a week, or serious about archiving and tweaking each and every histogram, iPhoto should be enough for you.

That said, at just $199, Aperture 2 will be tempting.

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