Regifting the eBay Way

garage sale

Now that the family has moved on and you’re left surrounded in piles of wrapping paper, it’s time to do some triage and see what Santa really brought you.

One man’s trash is another treasure, so of you really don’t need another spice rack, I’d bet someone on eBay does!

If you’re a frequent ebay seller, you’ve probably figured out your own ways to get things scheduled and described quickly and easily.

If you’re new to ebay, you quickly realize the listing of items is the most tedious part of the selling experience.

For mac users, garage sale can streamline the process in seconds.

GarageSale is slick, feature rich and gives an intuitive mac-like experience to create auction listings with eBay. Because it’s made for a mac, GarageSale integrates perfectly with iPhoto, offers WYSIWYG text editing and comes with over 90 free design templates.

Scheduling and listing is all handled automatically and its done faster than if you went through all of ebay’s menus. It really is a simple streamlining solution for Mac OS X.

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