Rogers iPhone Rate Plan Revolt in Canada

Rogers released their rate plans for the iPhone in Canada last week, and the public is none too thrilled. Bloggers, facebooker, and webmasters are all up in arms.

Here are the headquarters where you can sign a petition and get contact information to make your protest voice heard to Rogers.

Will it matter? Probably not, until there is relevant competition in the Canadian marketplace, Ted Rogers can do whatever he damn well wants.



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  1. June 30, 2008

    Rogers has done it again! No UNLIMITED Data plan for iPhone

    Well Rogers has done it again, showing it’s yellow monopolistic teeth! 2GB of Data per month with the $115 Package? This is highway robbery! Are these corporate bloodsuckers for real?

    All this is stemming from he fact that there are no competition for Rogers in Canada! No other GSM Service Provider! I was planning to at least buy 3 iPhone 3Gs, but I changed my mind! No iPhone till Rogers stops this draconian pricing for their data plan! What is hard to understand is this: Why Rogers has such a problem with DATA? Why? At least can they stop issuing decrees and actually explain to their clients why they are so stingy with their data bandwidth? May be also explain to us why the majority of Service Providers selling iPhone can sell their phones with an unlimited data plan?

    Only 2GB a Month? This is a disgrace and it shows what Rogers really thinks about their Canadian Customers! They truly think that we are stupid & ignorant and that we neither know – nor are we capable of learning anything! Well I have news for you, Rogers: WE ARE NOT! I am canceling my plans for purchasing 3 iPhone 3G, until they offer UNLIMITED Data Plan! I am sure that most people, after finding out what Rogers is really doing, will cancel their plans as well. So I guess it was all for nothing to wait a full year for the arrival of iPhone to Canada! 🙁

    Knowing about Rogers underhanded decision not to offer UNLIMITED data plan, Apple should have NEVER given iPhone sells rights to Rogers in the first place! Unlimited Data has been the cornerstone of Apple’s agreement for allowing a Service Provider to sell iPhone. Rogers held out for a full year, knowing that they have the monopoly on GSM market, and Apple gave up, which is very uncharacteristic of Apple. I guess Apple doesn’t care about their it’s Canadian Clients either!

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