There are problems across the country this morning as fan boys who lined up to buy the new iPhone 3G are being turned away.

They came for breakfast and iPhones, and all they got was granola bars.

Hundreds of people lined up at the Rogers store at Yonge and Dundas in Toronto, starting in the early hours of the morning, through pouring rain, only to learn the cellphone company’s flagship outlet had just 100 of the eagerly awaited iPhones in stock.

At 9 a.m., an hour after the store opened, the 300 or so damp people waiting in a line that stretched around the block still hadn’t been told they would not be able to buy this year’s hottest gadget — at least not from the main store. [CBC]

In Vancouver, is reporting activations are taking over an hour and people are leaving, sans iPhone.

So the doors open at 8am, slight cheer…but that was the end of the happiness for the day. The first 5 people in line ran into some problems. Turns out the Rogers network is down, or something is not working and activations DID NOT HAPPEN! At 9am, the same people were in the store. I was not going to wait 1 hour for 3 activations…I’d be there all day and then some more! I had to leave due to prior engagements so I left 10 mins ago! []


Here’s what Rogers’ spokesperson, Elizabeth Hamilton says on the issue:

Hi Buzz,

Clearly we are having an unprecedent day at Rogers Wireless.

We apologize to our customers that have experienced any wait times or delays in their purchase. Yes, our system has had a temporarily outage and it is up and running.

There’s definitely unprecedented consumer demand and we are pulling out all the stops to best serve our customers – we want them all to have one of these amazing devices in their hands today and in the days and weeks ahead.

I’m hearing we sold out of the early opening Halifax store within one hour of opening. We have sold out in the same early opening store in Ottawa. We are selling out in stores across the country, and we want to thank all our customers and future customers for their patience and enthusiasm.


Dude, you totally should have gone to Halifax to get that iPhone.

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