Seth Godin On Sculpting The Future

Seth Godin and Buzz Bishop

Seth Godin and Buzz Bishop[twitter]Every sentence out of Seth Godin‘s mouth is the title of a book, a keynote thesis, a phrase with deep meaning.

“Design has nothing to do with what it does, but how it makes you feel.”

“Mass marketing is making average stuff for average people.”

“All media is optional.”

“The question is not ‘is the market big enough?’ The one to ask is ‘is the market loud enough?’ You want people who will inflame the audience around them.”

“The only ones left are the weird ones.”

At the recent Further With Ford conference, Godin gave a brief talk and shared the stage with other design influencers.

According to Godin, Henry Ford is the most important person of the 20th Century. He invented the assembly line, interchangeable parts, and brought inexpensive mobility to the masses. His cars were twice as good at 1/4 of the price. With Ford taking a luxury item and making it more accessible, the entire landscape of the country was changed.

The Model T hit all angles of the curve and levelled the playing field when it came to accessibility to motor vehicles.

adoption curve

Now, the curve is melting.

marketing curve

So much has been pounded in the middle, that it is the fringes where you can try to find a niche and a market that has yet to be tapped.

The challenge for designers is to tell a story, but you can’t tell a story to everyone. As noted above, the only ones that are left are “the weird ones.”

You can watch his entire talk and the panel discussion that followed below:



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