Simpler Things

revolution themesI like to talk about hi tech gadgets and trends on cyberbuzz, but sometimes the simplest of stuff is the best.

Like writing reminders on your hand. From phone numbers in the night club to page assignments for homework in high school, we’ve been doing it our whole life.

But you’re a grown up, you don’t need to write on your hand anymore – write on a seethrough note and then stick it on your hand!

The To Do Tattoo lets you write your list on a regular pad, then you peel off the transparent top layer and it becomes a tattoo on your hand to take to the grocery store or on your weekend errand run.

Another great analog toy comes to us from the brilliant minds at 3M, a company that encourages its employees to innovate and invent. Oprah loves the post it flag highlighter.

It’s the perfect tool for studying students, a highlighter to get the passages you need to stand out and then the post it flags to mark the page for future reference.

Oprah’s new book club pick, A New Earth, is one of the books where the flag highlighter becomes a mandatory accessory as you note pages for future refreshing.



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