Smart Fraud Prevention Tips For Businesses And Consumers

Do you remember what Smishing, Phishing, and Vishing are?

Over the holiday season, I partnered with TD Canada Trust to share some reminders about how to safeguard yourself against fraud and identity theft.

If you can’t remember what smishing, phising, and vishing are, get a little refresher, and then scroll down to get some more reminders to protect yourself against fraud.

Businesses need to be proactive to build up fraudtervention – a fraud intervention – to maintain trust from their customers.


It’s all common sense, really, but the sort of thing that requires constant vigilance. We need to maintain a healthy diet to maintain body health, we need to maintain our financial and bookkeeping health to keep fraud away.

It’s important for consumers to keep our guard up too. It’s okay to be skeptical. It’s okay to ask for extra information when you’re solicited. It’s okay to follow up and do some background research on your own.


When you’re not sure, or it seems too good to be true, double check. You can get more information to protect your business or personal finances from fraud at

This post is sponsored by TD Canada Trust.



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