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macbook air Last week was Apple’s turn to take the global tech stage, and Steve Jobs didn’t disappoint, once again taking his companies flare for design and targeting another global first, the thinnest notebook computer on the market.

The MacBook Air was greeted with glee and awe by the audience, but now that we’ve all had a chance for sober second thought, the reality is setting in.

Yes it is subtle and thin, but there’s no optical drive – need a reboot, you’ll have to do it wirelessly. Same with internet, it’s got not Ethernet port, you get online only over the air – and I guess that’s where Steve was going with it. The MacBook Air miraculously gets everything done without wires.

Still, at $1799, it’s a little pricey. Yes, it’s beautiful, and for those who need the newest label on their lap, it will be an immediate purchase, but it doesn’t really do anything different or better than a current macbook, and did you really need it shrunk down to ¾ of an inch?

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