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My wife laughed the other day when she said “walkman” to describe a portable device. Just as kids don’t know what records or cassettes are, the word walkman might have skipped an entire generation.

But Sony is bringing the brand back.

Last week they unveiled three new Walkman video MP3 players with a few interesting twists not found in the popular iPod brand of portable media players.

One series features a built-in noise-cancelling system that can reduce up to 75 percent of ambient noise around you.

Two other series add Bluetooth technology, which include compatible wireless headphones in the box, so you can leave your player in your pocket or purse but enjoy your tunes un-tethered.

The new walkmans will be on shelves this month and feature some other tricks iPods cant do – like a wider variety of file support, and FM radio receivers.

Depending on the Walkman, colours offered include black, red, silver or pink, and prices will range from about $150 to $320.

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