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revolution themesVancouver has a few different nicknames. Lotus Land for our laid back lifestyle, Hollywood North for our movie industry, and one that’s gaining momentum – Techcouver, for our fast rising tech scene.

There are seemingly weekly meetups and camps as our local digerati create a collaborative community sharing ideas and encouraging each other. Danny Robinson is one of the people behind the Launch Party circuit where entrepreneurs, techies and marketers can get together to spread the word.

Danny is also the founder and CEO of the latest Techcouver star, Strutta.

Strutta takes the power of YouTube, the passion of sport and combines the two, giving playoff-less hockey fans in Vancouver something to get excited and competitive about.

“There is no question that sporting events and reality TV show competitions attract the largest crowds throughout the world,” says Robinson. “Until Strutta, there has not been an organized body online to recognize and honor the most talented individuals in the world. If you claim to be the best at anything but have not won a Strutta to prove it, then the answer is simple — you’re not.”

Proving you’re the best with Strutta is simple. You and your friend argue constantly over who does the best Napoleon Dynamite impression. The world can now decide who nails the perfect “Gosh!” when you upload your clips to Strutta and watch the votes roll in.

If you don’t have a nagging bet with a pal, but still want to prove you’re the best at something, you can join an existing competition in a sort of online Olympics. Funny Pet Tricks is currently being led by Oscar Boxer in Argentina who does fire engine impressions. The Grooviest Dance Instructor has an Australian in the lead while the Most Delicious Chef is from Belgium.

The site also acts as a clearinghouse of the best of the web. If you have some time to kill, strike up Strutta instead of randomly entering search words into YouTube, and you know you’ll be entertained.

Maura Rodgers, Co-Founder and VP Marketing came up with the name Strutta. “It’s about showing off and strutting your stuff, being proud and bringing it,” she says in a video interview on the site. Strut was the key word they wanted to build from, and after brainstorming through, Strutta popped out as the Swedish word for strut, and another Techcouver site was born.

catch the buzz … pass it on.

This article originally appeared in 24hrs Vancouver on April 23, 2008



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