Surround Your Home in Sound

You know what surround sound is, but how would you like to surround your home in sound?

The Sonos system is a brilliant wireless home speaker system where you have a base station wired to the web and then speakers about your house streaming music from your central station.

With new parternships with Napster and Rhapsody, you can now use Sonos to Think of a song, find that song, play that song, in any room…and all from the palm of your hand – without a computer.

Sonos 2.5 is a feature-packed update that lets connect directly to millions of songs and thousands of radio stations without ever installing an application or turning on a computer.

You connect directly to Napster and access its library of more than five million songs all via the wireless Sonos Controller. The computer-free, direct-to-service approach of Sonos 2.5 allows you to find and play the music you want the moment you pick up the Controller.

In addition, Napster’s innovative automix discovery feature finds and plays tracks like the one you’re listening to. With a single click, automix queues up hours of related music, streaming a customized playlist based on the Napster community’s music preferences.

Each Sonos customer gets a free 30-day Napster Trial– no signup or credit card required. Following the 30-day trial, Sonos customers can access Napster for $9.95 a month.

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