Sweatin’ To Technology

Okay, you were good on your resolutions for the first week of January, but what about the second? Not so much? Time to bring some technology in to your life to get, and keep, you on track for resolution 09.

It’s as simple as getting it done at your desk, kicking the kids off the video game system, or focussing while you’re at the gym.

January 1 2009SlimTree.com has The Broadband Gym, offering more than 100 online instructional exercise videos across a range of disciplines: Yoga, Pilates, cardio and weight training among them, each featuring certified fitness instructors.

“With just an Internet-enabled computer and the motivation, health-seekers can spurn those coffee and cigarette breaks in favor of a quick work out in their office, cubicle, or anywhere else,” said Jas Singh, founder and CEO of Slimtree.com.

The free website offers exercises in 1 to 20 minute routines so you can get it in when you can to help you keep energized and awake through the day.

If you can put down the RockBand and Wii Sports for a few minutes, you might want to try Wii Fit – it actually works. Mom blogger Julie dropped 60 pounds with no exercise regime other than the Wii Fit.

She had a couple kids and kept ballooning up after each pregnancy and finally had enough. After 4 months of Wii’ing it, she had dropped 60 pounds. She created her own routine, used the cute view of her Mii as inspiration and used an interface that was fun to play with her kids.

For those with even more focus and access to a gym, learning how to freshen up your routine and doing it properly can pay off. Vancouver’s GymTechnik is a mobile website accessible by Smart Phones like the Blackberry and iPhone. It syncs your phone with a website where you can load in workouts and watch videos to make sure you’ve got the technique nailed down properly.

“You click start a workout and it shows you all the exercises you’ve got to do,” explains the site’s creator Sharad Mohan. “You can click on instructions for details on how you’ve got to do it and it will show you exactly what you pushed the last time so you know where to start off.”

Right now the site is a menu of exercises you can choose from to build and track your workouts. An upgrade is coming this weekend that will offer custom workouts for everyone from beginners to those looking to build a super-hero physique.

Honestly, though, I like the approach of a gym owner in Montreal: show up 13 times a month and your membership is free. Start skipping and you have to start paying. When gadgets and the web won’t work, maybe the shrinking bank account will.


Another site to add to your mobile homepage is Fatburgr.com. Yes, there’s no “e” at the end. The site has a running tally of the fat and calorie content of each menu item at all your favourite fast food joints. Subway, McDonalds, Burger King and more are all covered to make sure you’re focussed on your diet and don’t stray.

Music while you workout is a necessity and if you just can’t fnd the right mix on your own, there are some great podcasts offering up fresh tunes each week. I love David Guetta, DJ Tiesto and the PodRunner series. The PodRunner podcast is specifically built for runners and has tempos to match your runs and intervals built in. They’re all free in the Apple iTunes store.

The biggest announcement to come out of the Consumer Electronics Show wasn’t a super thin tv like in year’s past, it was a phone. Palm, the company that started the PDA trend with the Palm Pilot, introduced the Pre. It’s a combination of the best of iPhone and Blackberry features with a touch screen AND a slide out keyboard. Palm is promising a release before summer.

As the career of Britney Spears enters the comeback, or 2.0 phase, she’s looking for someone to handle her Web 2.0 work. The job opening is for someone to “manage a high profile branded online network of digital properties for one of the world’s top celebrities.” In other words, she’s got nannies for the kids, you get to be a nanny for her online brand. Interested? jmn@broadcastingunlimited.com

This article originally appeared in 24hrs Vancouver on January 14, 2009.



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