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Fresh Apple Friday With The Release of New iPhones

It is iPhone Friday around the world as the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C are released. Is it something you need or just want? I sat down with Global Calgary to talk about the new phones and your needs.

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v1 golf swing app video

The Shaw Golf Classic is coming to Calgary and to celebrate here’s a rundown of the best golf apps and gadgets to get your swing on par with the pros.

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How To Clean Touch Screens

While you may be tackling the dirty dungeon in your basement or that hoarding mess in your garage over the next couple of weeks, it’s also a good time to …

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[twitter]18% of time on a mobile is spent on Facebook. Is it any shock then, that as Facebook tries to increase monetization of mobile that they would release their own …

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There’s a longstanding joke: “Why is it called golf? ….Because f*** was already taken.” The same line of thinking could be applied to social media in that it’s called “social …

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[twitter]Spring is here and a lot of talk is about fashion. Tech is in fashion too, as in wearable tech. If we are in the era of mobile now, the …

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[twitter]Computers are infiltrating every corner of our life. While the iPhone has been hailed as the greatest invention in recent memory, the innovations that are turning cars into computers are …

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facebook news feed redesign

[twitter]This week’s Tech Buzz tackles a collection of big headlines from the tech world. From Facebook’s new look, to big roaming bills blamed on kids, let’s get into it. FACEBOOK …

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shaw go wifi calgary

[twitter] WiFi is the new electricity. It’s the new water. It is a utility that users demand instant and easy access to no matter where they are. We are not …

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[twitter]It is Oscar weekend, and so we are celebrating in the geekiest way I know how, with a segment all about Star Wars. Star Wars has made a bit of …

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