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Will and Kate and Harry and Twitter

Well it has happened, we can follow the royals on Twitter and Instgram. Will, Kate, and Harry have got accounts on the network to share with the commonwealth

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How To Blog With Instagram

You don’t need to be on every social network. Just have to be good at the ones you’re on. Namkcaps is good at Instagram. Here’s how to blog with Instagram.

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facebook graph search

[twitter]Facebook unveiled Graph Search this week, and Instagram’s much ballyhooed new Terms of Service came into effect this weekend. The developments have savvy users trusting how much information they give …

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[twitter]I told you so. Back in April, went it was announced that Facebook was buying Instagram for $1B, many of the digerati warned that the internet giant was making the …

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Facebook bought Instagram for $1B this week. For a company that was barely 500 days old and had only 13 employees, that’s a lot of money. Instagram had something Facebook …

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