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How To Give Gift of iTunes

If you can’t be there in person, you can still send a gift of apps, music, books, or software with an iTunes Gift Card by eMail. Here’s how to do it:

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iTunes 2013 App Of The Year

The best apps of 2013 have been revealed by iTunes Canada. They’re simple, elegant, and not a candy crushing angry bird to be found in the list.

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2013 iTunes Top Downloaded Apps

The most popular apps and most downloaded apps of 2013 have been released by iTunes. It’s a Snapchatting Candy Crushing world, gang.

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facebook news feed redesign

[twitter]This week’s Tech Buzz tackles a collection of big headlines from the tech world. From Facebook’s new look, to big roaming bills blamed on kids, let’s get into it. FACEBOOK …

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With just a few seconds of his keynote address this week, Steve Jobs threw the first shovel of dirt on a device that was already dead.  With a new logo …

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An interesting shift has happened in the smart phone marketplace.  It’s no longer about choosing the best hardware and then going with whichever network subsidizes the hardware, you can now …

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Many app creators are trying to cash in on the iPad craze by creating iPad versions of their apps – at a premium. While many iPhone apps settled in to …

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I recently spent the better part of a couple of hours on a Friday night deleting duplicates from my iTunes music player. Some might point to the inherent flaws in …

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Apple finally added a radio to the iPod line today. You can find it in the iPod Nano, but will anyone use it? Already the iPod has shown it’s muscle …

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