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Ezra Levant

All media is not created equal. Ezra Levant’s The Rebel does not have an inalienable right to have access to the Alberta government. Far from it, in fact.

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Facebook vs Twitter for breaking news

Facebook does not work for breaking news. It never has. It can’t. The algorithm is such that it will always filter instead of giving you a firehose of now.

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Canadian Tire and IKEA Trash Tweet Before Olympics - cyberbuzz

Canadian Tire and IKEA traded tweets in advance of Canada’s gold medal win in ice hockey. The best example of real-time marketing during the games.

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There is a large media concentration in Canada. With multiple mergers and acquisitions, we’ve seen economies of scale rise and partisan pitches come to the air. Bell Let’s Talk Day is just one of many examples of how the revolution will be branded when it is televised.

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Empathy For Justine Sacco: What It Feels Like When You Go Viral

What’s it like to go viral? Not a lot of fun. The jury of the internet is swift and heartless in its justice and mob-like in its accusations.

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Buzz and Woz

[twitter]Steve Wozniak always wanted to be an engineer. “Engineers build things in the world that change people’s lives,” he told the Further With Ford conference. Woz sat on a panel …

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Seth Godin and Buzz Bishop

[twitter]Every sentence out of Seth Godin‘s mouth is the title of a book, a keynote thesis, a phrase with deep meaning. “Design has nothing to do with what it does, …

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how to get social media engagement

It’s easy to get better social media engagement – just give the audience what they want. Check out what happened to our Facebook page engagement during the Calgary Flood of 2013.

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Changing the channel on the backchannel

[twitter]On May 9, 2013, I has invited to be part of a panel at MRUShift. Here are the notes from the quick talk I gave on how new media needs …

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1993 2013

Unions are a powerful force in modern business. Too powerful. The adversarial nature at which they see the employer puts them at an inability to recognize the true nature of business – it changes, it evolves, people come, people go. Unions are stagnant anchors that threaten to kill the very jobs they are sworn to protect.

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