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Ezra Levant

All media is not created equal. Ezra Levant’s The Rebel does not have an inalienable right to have access to the Alberta government. Far from it, in fact.

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Why April Fools Is As Important As Super Bowl

April Fool’s Day is becoming just as important to brands and marketing as the Super Bowl. When it comes to earned media, it’s another day to easily go viral for sharing your positive, light-hearted, fun brand messages.

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There is a large media concentration in Canada. With multiple mergers and acquisitions, we’ve seen economies of scale rise and partisan pitches come to the air. Bell Let’s Talk Day is just one of many examples of how the revolution will be branded when it is televised.

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Empathy For Justine Sacco: What It Feels Like When You Go Viral

What’s it like to go viral? Not a lot of fun. The jury of the internet is swift and heartless in its justice and mob-like in its accusations.

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What is the ROI of social media? What’s the ROI of a billboard in Times Square? ROI is easy to measure – you measure it one customer at a time.

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Imagine your’re an old media journalist. You’re under deadline, you’re trying to fill out an extra column inch for the front page, or you’re in the edit suite and you’re …

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Terrorism deals in a culture of fear. Terrorists win when we change our habits out of fear. Taking off our shoes at the airport, worrying about our jobs, driving our …

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Bloggers Are New But Are They Media?

It was quite the schmoozefest in Vancouver this weekend. The city was host to the Junos, The Vancouver Playhouse International Wine Festival, Vancouver Fashion Week and the Canadian National Freestyle …

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