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broken iphone

If you’ve never had a broken iPhone, you haven’t lived. Here’s the top ways people break or lose their phones, cause we all do it.

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Ezra Levant

All media is not created equal. Ezra Levant’s The Rebel does not have an inalienable right to have access to the Alberta government. Far from it, in fact.

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How To Hide Political Partisanship From Your Facebook Feed

Here’s how to manage your facebook feed to get rid of the partisan politics, news, and memes from your stream. Simply hide the source.

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Was iCloud To Blame For Celebrity Nude Photo Phone Hack?

The internet has been abuzz after the celebrity nude photo phone hack broke over the weekend. Apple has responded saying it was not an iCloud failure.

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There is a large media concentration in Canada. With multiple mergers and acquisitions, we’ve seen economies of scale rise and partisan pitches come to the air. Bell Let’s Talk Day is just one of many examples of how the revolution will be branded when it is televised.

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Empathy For Justine Sacco: What It Feels Like When You Go Viral

What’s it like to go viral? Not a lot of fun. The jury of the internet is swift and heartless in its justice and mob-like in its accusations.

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how to get social media engagement

It’s easy to get better social media engagement – just give the audience what they want. Check out what happened to our Facebook page engagement during the Calgary Flood of 2013.

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1993 2013

Unions are a powerful force in modern business. Too powerful. The adversarial nature at which they see the employer puts them at an inability to recognize the true nature of business – it changes, it evolves, people come, people go. Unions are stagnant anchors that threaten to kill the very jobs they are sworn to protect.

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facebook news feed redesign

[twitter]This week’s Tech Buzz tackles a collection of big headlines from the tech world. From Facebook’s new look, to big roaming bills blamed on kids, let’s get into it. FACEBOOK …

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[twitter]I told you so. Back in April, went it was announced that Facebook was buying Instagram for $1B, many of the digerati warned that the internet giant was making the …

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