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Facebook vs Twitter for breaking news

Facebook does not work for breaking news. It never has. It can’t. The algorithm is such that it will always filter instead of giving you a firehose of now.

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There is a large media concentration in Canada. With multiple mergers and acquisitions, we’ve seen economies of scale rise and partisan pitches come to the air. Bell Let’s Talk Day is just one of many examples of how the revolution will be branded when it is televised.

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[twitter]Computers are infiltrating every corner of our life. While the iPhone has been hailed as the greatest invention in recent memory, the innovations that are turning cars into computers are …

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wall of radio stickers

[twitter]I’m using radio for this example, but it is not a specific industry situation. Liking a competitor is an important marketing tool, but it can cause problems. Perhaps you’re a …

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September 6 – Ping Apple changed the game last week with their announcement of Ping. Some instantly called it the death of myspace as Ping will be a social network …

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August 22 – Facebook Dislike It may be tempting to click on a link that promises you’ll get Facebook’s ‘official dislike button,’  but don’t fall for it. It’s a scam …

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August 16: Bing Taxi Google maps are awesome for directions weather you want to walk, drive or take transit, but Bing – Microsoft’s very worthy Google competitor has unleashed a …

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colin and justin at the calgary home show

The easy way to win at marketing is to meet every listener. A unique one-on-one experience is what will turn a fan into an evangelist. Exhibit A: an experience I had with Colin and Justin and my son handing over a paper flower.

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This post was originally written in May of 2008 at The Blog According to Buzz. I’m reposting it here in response to a post addressing a similar issue by Mark …

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While one of the big steps with the release of the new iPod Nano this fall was to add a video camera to the unit, the other big push was …

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