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Moto 360 Sport

The Moto 360 Sport is non clingy. It’s fine on its own, it’s fine hanging out with a smart phone. It’s what smart watches need to be.

Zacharie And The Label Maker

Here’s a review of the Brotherâ„¢ PT-D600 Label Maker. It’s a great way to organized for back-to-school and around the house.

Get A GoPro For Father's Day

You need to get the father in your life a gopro. It’s all the aspirational perfection and now with an LCD back. A GoPro from Best Buy is perfect.

Tis the season for Tassimo to reach out to the blogging community.  The past few weeks have seen legions of bloggers tweeting and filming themselves and their shiny new Bosch …

The Flip has landed in Canada with it’s full line up of contestants this week and it’s an exciting time to grab one of the most user friendly video cameras …

While the rest of the world has been playing with pocket digital video cameras since last fall, the craze didnt hit officially hit Canada until this month. Finally both the … Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...