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The good news is that there are plenty of ways to reduce the size of a pdf so that you can optimize it for the web.

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How To Increase Your Blog Influence

There is a dirty underside of the blogging community. One where bloggers increase influence through cliquey clubs and shady tactics. In the pursuit of a monetized blog, thousands of bloggers are getting into the sharing game – because it works.

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Easy To Way To Better Manage Your iPhone Home Screen Icons

iPhone icons are ugly. Collect them into a folder and it is anything but elegant. Sure, Jonny Ive has done a great job of thinning the fonts, flattening the icons, and making the folders translucent, but it is still not a sleek elegant look. Check out this simple tip to manager your iPhone home screen icons.

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Here we go, all of a sudden the switch has been flipped and the crush of Christmas is upon us. This week a few things you need some planning to …

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[twitter]When Naheed Nenshi was elected in a come from behind victory to become Mayor of Calgary, many pundits were blaring headlines about Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and social media as the …

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A weekend in California’s Wine Country was just what my life needed. A chance to unplug from reality and drink in the harvest season at a few wineries. Notice I …

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