Take 2

We’re all about Apple this week.

It’s not the most talked about announcement Steve Jobs made at MacWorld, that’s the MacBook Air, but it could be the most significant.

Who needs a Blu Ray / HD DVD battle when you can rent HD movies with an Apple TV, no disc, no computer required?

The Apple TV was originally pitched as a way to stream content from your iTunes library on your computer, on to your tv. You could buy tv shows from iTunes, or stream your music library through your home theatre.

Now with the ability for the AppleTV Take 2 to act as the base, without the tv, it really becomes a brilliant stand alone set top box, for less than $250.

You can buy music directly from Appletv, you can browse photos from flickr and .mac, it will sync with your itunes, podcasts (audio and video) will be accessible and the movie rental really makes it. HD and DVD quality movies in dolby sound for less than $5 and no scrambling off to the video store.

catch the buzz … pass it on.




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