The (Back To The) Future Home at TELUS Spark

The TELUS Future Home

The TELUS Future Home

[twitter]Now that Back to the Future is fully in the past, what does the real future actually hold?

Data, lots of it, moving at the speed of light. Your smart phone has more computing power than NASA had to put a man on the moon, and innovation isn’t slowing down.

TELUS is imagining the Future Home with a display (until October 29, 2015) at the parking lot of TELUS Spark in Calgary. The 560-square-foot Future Home, which is built to simulate a small condo, offers an immersive technology experience that demonstrates how technology will help us to live more efficiently than ever before through the power of TELUS Fibre.

Smart Kitchen

A kitchen of the future will have fridges and stoves talking to each other offering up smart recipes, RFID tags will be on our pantry items offering up product information, and everything will be interconnected.

When people talk about the internet of things, they mean connected devices. The world we live in now is mostly phones, tvs, and thermostats. We’re quickly moving to an internet of ALL the things, and the TELUS Future Home shows how gigabit Fibre keeps it all future proof.

Just look at the current progression of tv:

An HD signal currently needs 5 Mbps, while 4k content moves 4 times the number of pixels on a screen and requires 20 Mbps connections. Oh, and guess what? 8k is in our future too.

4k tv

Using light to transmit data via fibre optics is a generational change for the company that will future-proof our devices. We may not yet have the ability to receive a gigabit worth of data on our notebooks, but fibre will be able to deliver it when we need it.

That means we could have front doors with facial recognition, smart stoves, 4K tvs, teleconferencing, and more, happening in our simultaneously at the speed of light. More data, more faster, more better. That’s the power of Fibre.

In Calgary, communities of Hillhurst, Crescent Heights, and Capital Hill are being fitted with fibre, with more to come. TELUS Fibre is also available in newer communities like Panorama Hills, Evanston, Aspen Woods, Forest Heights, Forest Lawn, and southern communities as well in McKenzie, New Brighton, Copperfield, Auburn Bay and Cranston. You can check if TELUS Fibre has come to your community yet with a nifty online tool at

The Future Home has some technologies that exist today, and some that they imagine in our future (likely with more accuracy than the creators of Back to the Future imagined our wardrobes).

Back to the Future wardrobe

Make your free visit to the TELUS Future Home this week and enter to win a grand prize, courtesy of Samsung, consisting of the following items:

One (1) 55” 4K UHD TV (retail value $2,500)
One (1) Galaxy Tab S LTE 10.5 (retail value $579)
One (1) Phone S6 EDGE (retail value $850)

The Future Home is open daily from 11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
at TELUS Spark in Calgary until October 29, 2015.

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