The Geeks’ Guide to Gear

Each person’s list has a few names who are “impossible to buy for.”

The nerd nearest and dearest to your heart most likely fills that spot on your list. It is hard to keep up with those who are nose deep in blogs and the web all day, so today’s gadget guide seeks out some of the geekiest people I know to throw down their wishes and desires for under the tree.

But if you’ve got a hard core gadget geek on your list this year, it may be best not even trying to keep up. Leo Laporte, host of The Lab with Leo, is either first in line to buy a new gadget the day it’s released (iPhone) or is pre-ordering them online before their released (video games). He admits, “my family gives me handmade socks. I like that. They cook for me, they cuddle me. That’s all I want.”

And really, isn’t that what Christmas is all about?

iPod Family $89-$329
Most of my friends want something with from Apple. HiTech Mommy, Cat Schwartz, would dig a MacBook while local blogstar, Meg Fowler, says “if it has an Apple icon and likes to be touched, I’m down with it.” Social media marketer, Jordan Behan, agrees “a simple 8Gb Nano with a longer lasting battery than my ancient 10Gb would suffice. Heck, even a Shuffle would be good for those Skytrain rides.” Yes, there are other media players but anything from Apple is sure to bring the biggest smiles this season.

Eye-Fi – $99
I’m looking for the Eye-Fi stuffed into my stocking. It’s a memory card for your digital camera, just like you’re used to using – except this one has built in WiFi. You can snap your pic, and then send it off directly from your camera. It will automatically upload pictures from the camera to your pc, mac, photosharing, printing or blogging websites. Nice!

Slingbox Solo – $179
Matt Harris, producer for The Lab with Leo has already scored a beauty. The Slingbox Solo lets you remotely access your home television set from any internet connection. So for Matt, a Bruins fan, he can catch their games at 4 in the afternoon directly on his work computer. Matt says. “it’s actually pretty wild, I have a Shaw DVR which I can 100% control via my MacBook. It is as if I am sitting in front of my tv at home, I can watch live tv, change the channel, record programs (on my DVR) and play back recorded programs.”

Logitech Harmony 1000 – $499
CBC technology host, Tod Maffin would like “the Mother Of All Remote Controls. Something that’ll control all my lights, pre-draw my bath to the right temperature, order groceries, etc.” Okay, that’s not quite going to happen for Tod, unless maybe he hacks The Clapper, but the Logitech Harmony 1000 Remote would make a lot of other people happy. You first hook it to your computer to set up your video games, receiver, dvd player, tv, dvr and more. It then controls all with a simple to use visual display.

catch the buzz … pass it on.



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