The iPhone 2.0 Cometh

Steve Jobs Showcasing the iPhone Bank of America ATM Branch Locator

Here’s the evidence:

Next week Apple will have it’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).

Steve Jobs is set to give a keynote on Monday.

Plain boxes have been seen loaded on to trucks from an Apple distribution depot.

A visit Wednesday evening to a West Coast distribution center of Apple contract manufacturer Quanta Computer shows a company hustling to get mysterious boxes of, well, something, on the move.

During one 20-minute stretch alone, three semi trucks from FedEx Freight and a smaller truck from Advanced Logistics trundled around to the back of a distribution center owned by Quanta.

The plain brown boxes could contain almost anything, of course: Apple’s mysterious new tablet computers, new Apple notebooks, even a product for one of Quanta’s other customers. Or the boxes could be bursting with dozens of the stylish cartons Apple wraps around its iPhones.[Forbes]

No word how far north the boxes are being sent.

catch the buzz… pass it on.

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