Time Machine

When Apple unveiled its Leopard operating system in the fall it included a feature called Time Machine, a chance for you to automatically backup your work as you’re working. Incidentally, something you should have been doing all along.

At MacWorld, Steve Jobs announced the companion to Time Machine – the Time Capsule.

Simply plug it in, then easily set up automatic wireless backup for every Mac in your house to a single Time Capsule with just a few clicks.

Built to work seamlessly with Time Machine, Time Capsule lets users wirelessly back up all of the data on their Macs, find lost files and even restore all of their software. In the event a file is lost, users can wirelessly search back through time to find deleted files, applications, photos and other digital media and then instantly restore the file. If it’s ever necessary, Leopard can also easily restore an entire system from the Time Machine backup on Time Capsule.

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  1. […] as a backup would have been dead easy for them. It’s a dedicated hard drive that works with Time Machine within the Mac OS to copy and automatically back up your files. You can keep the Time Capsule at […]

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