Tips To Keep Your Mobile Phone Running As Fast As Possible

We all know how annoying it can be when your (which feels like a brand new) phone is already beginning to slow down. Don’t go looking for a replacement, or throwing it out the window! Have a look here at a few of our top tips to keep your phone running as fast as possible and see how big of an impact a few changes can have.


One of the biggest reasons for your phone slowing down is a lack of space in the memory. Like a computer, it is necessary for your phone to have space to work at its best level. No, we are not saying to stop taking all those amazing photos of your lunch or pet, just to utilise some of the other options out there to free up some room. You don’t actually need to keep all of the latest betting odds for tennis on your phone, you can keep them elsewhere and access them with a click. Using something like the cloud or other sites which allow you to back up and store your data can mean you never lose those cherished pictures and videos, and that your phone will still be working smoothly and quickly the next time you want to enjoy them.

Another memory eater is all that hidden stuff taken up by apps that you don’t even realise are there. By clearing your cached data from your apps you can make some space and have your phone running faster in no time. Also, the more apps you have open the faster your battery will go down and the slower your phone will perform. By closing apps instead of just minimising them you can improve this performance, and another trick is to stop them being able to work in the background while also taking up space. Why not delete a few apps altogether? The ones you haven’t used in ages
and won’t use again anyway. It all helps!

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Turn it off and on again

We all love the references to tech support, telling us that the first solution to any computer is to try turning it off and on again, but it really can work! The same is true of mobile phones. You should restart your phone regularly to optimise its performance and keep things running quickly.


Another slightly obvious one that many of us are guilty of ignoring is to regularly update your phone. When you get those little messages saying it is time, don’t ignore it and then complain of a slower phone, update it now! Your phone cannot work at the fastest speed possible and the most efficiently if you do not regularly update it, so go into your settings and if there is one available give it an update today.

In short there are many simple ways to keep your mobile phone running as fast as possible.

Regularly update and restart your phone, delete any apps you don’t use, close them instead of minimising them and at least clear their cached data and prevent background applications that drain battery and take up space, generally freeing up your memory. With a variety of options like iCloud and Dropbox you can easily store all of your data somewhere safe where you can still access it at the click of the button while also improving your phone’s memory and speed by unclogging all your pictures, videos and other stuff. Easy, right?



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