Top 10 Tech for 2007

Our top 10 tech from 2007 continues today at #8 with the increased fight for digital rights management.

Torrents are revving up at higher speeds with people sharing music, movies and tv shows, yet the industry continues to fight against it.

The RIAA won a significant battle against downloader Jammie Thomas. They accused her of sharing 24 songs and Jammie chose to fight, instead of settling out of court as most accused do.

Jammie was found guilty and slammed with a $220 000 fine. Yet, the downloading continues.

At #7 is Apple.

Apple anything, nothing specific – just the company as a whole. As the year ended, 5 of the top 10 items sold at Amazon were from Apple and the stock inched past $200, nearly tripling in the course of the year.

With Windows Vista falling flat and the new design of the iMac riding high, many analysts found themselves advising now is the time to Mac the switch.

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