Top 10 Tech for 2007

Our top 10 tech from 2007 continues today with the FlyPen coming in at #6.

It made every single back-to-school list that I saw this year. The FlyPen is described as a pentop computer. It’s a real pen that doubles as a computer.

Draw a calculator on a piece of paper and the flypen recognizes it and computes. You can also use it to easily digitize written notes into word documents to share with student groups.

If the FlyPen is not in your child’s backpack already, it will be soon.

At #5 is the Nintendo Wii.

Sure, the console came out over a year ago, but as the Christmas season hit, people weren’t scrambling for Xboxes or Playstations, they wanted a Wii.

The Wii doesn’t have ultra real graphics, the game library doesn’t include blood and guts and shooters – but the Wii does have a catalog of games great for the whole family and a gameplay experience that feels like exercise.

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