Top 10 Tech for 2007

Everybody’s doing it, and so am I, a rundown of the biggest tech stories of the year.

Starting at #10 with the word of the year – w00t!

The origins are unclear, but its usage is filtering through. I picked it up from bloggers, but its mostly an online multiplayer word… with woot standing for we owned the other team. Use it when you’re excited, as in “Woot! I won the lottery!”

In at #9 are all the wonderful Google Gadgets. From an updated Google Earth to the StreetView mapping feature, Google is mapping the way we see the world. The streetview really caught on this year, a chance for you to photographically walk the streets of San Francisco and other major cities.

The Google Earth application is being constantly used by news organizations to give us intimate views of foreign neighborhoods where there is breaking news. These features are just the beginning.

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