Top 10 Ways People Break Or Lose Smart Phones

broken iphone
Image via Trebz on Flickr
broken iphone
Image via Trebz on Flickr

I’ve got a nick in the top left corner of my iPhone. That’s the worst damage I’ve done to a device since I tripped over cement steps while holding my infant son and decided iPhone was better to smash into the ground than my new baby.

Almost everyone has a similar story to tell with more or less clumsiness attached to it, like falling out of the pocket of your rain jacket. If you haven’t, then you’re lying. You totally have.

A new survey ranked the most common ways people break or lose their phones. Here’s the top 10 . . .

1. Dropping it in water, 43%.


2. Accidentally sending it through the washing machine, 42%.


3. Throwing it, 22%.


4. Dropping it out a window, 20%.


5. Sitting on it, 20%.


6. Spilling something on it, 20%.


7. Your pet chews it up, 20%.


8. Tripping and falling on it, 20%.


9. Stepping on it, 18%.


10. Forgetting it somewhere, 18%.


That’s why I’m glad to be testing out the Moto 360 Sport watch right now as I train for a marathon. It’s a smartwatch that can still work without the phone. It can track my steps, running distance, heart rate and all that stuff without me trying to juggle a phone in my hand while I go for a run. Awesome.

Moto 360 Sport

Disclosure: I was given a Moto 360 Sport for review purposes. All words and opinions are my own.



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