Top Ten Tech for 2007

top 10 techOur top 10 tech from 2007 continues today at #4 with the game of the year – Guitar Hero.

Yes, Rock Band actually won the “Game of the Year” honours at E3, but it didn’t come until just a few weeks before Christmas – by then Guitar Hero was on the lips of every music loving video game addict.

The guitars were sold out before the big day and if a final shipment landed just before Christmas, cabbage patch stampedes ensued.

#3 is the iPod Touch

I call it the iPhone for Canadians.

It’s an iPhone without the phone part. The iPod touch is a super slim device, sexy for listening to music and watching music, it’s got all the touchy feely loveliness of the iPhone – but you can’t make calls. Which is fine with our ridiculous data plans in Canada. It does however have WiFi, so feel free to use it as a pocket computer for emails, twitters and more.

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