Top Tips & Strategies To Be Successful At Roulette

Roulette has always been one of the most popular casino table games. The game is attractive for a variety of reasons. It is simple to understand and learn. The spinning wheel adds real excitement and focus. Plus, the entire experience is very social, as players inevitably come together around the table to face the wheel. Furthermore, most players will just rely on their instincts and luck to win at the table. However, there are several roulette strategies and tips to be found all over the place. So for anyone looking to get more winning bets than losing ones, we have highlighted a few ideas to help win at the game and make it even more fun.

The Martingale System is probably the most recognised and widely discussed strategies for playing roulette. The idea behind this system is that the player should bet on the even money options, such as red or black, odd or even, high or low, and that after every loss the next bet should be double the amount and continued until a win. The idea is that eventually you will recover your losses and make a profit. This system has been around since the 18th century and is very popular, however to be successful a player would need a very impressive bankroll and could result in going bankrupt very easily.

Labouchere is a system also developed in the 18th century and similarly to the Martingale system is applicable for even money bets. The brains behind this system was Henry Labouchere, who himself was a keen gambler who loved roulette. Firstly with this strategy you must decide how much you want to win, then divide this figure into many figures of different value. For example if you want to win £100, you could divide that figure into 10-10-10-20-20-20-10. Then the idea is that the player bets the sum of the leftmost an rightmost figure, so in this example your first stake would be £20, the second should be £30 and so on. You would need a large bankroll to use this method successfully, in the same way as the Martingale system.

It has to be remembered that roulette is a game of chance and the previous outcome has no influence on the following one. Many players fall in to the trap of thinking they are ‘due a win’, but it must be remembered that the chance of landing on any number is the same within each spin of the wheel. There are a few tips that can be taken on board, especially if you don’t have a high bankroll to try out one of the systems listed.

One important thing to do is pay attention! When you join a table have a look at available information on hot and cold numbers and the history of the winning numbers, as well as the strategy of the successful players on the table.

It’s also worth trying out the game into practice mode too, especially if you haven’t played it before as then it gives you a good idea of how the game works before you use real money. You can also check the table gives you enough times to place the bets you want to.

Even though it is tempting to bet on single numbers, given their odds of 35/1, it is probably more sensible to stick to even money bets such as red or black, as the chance of these bets winning is almost 50%. Most importantly whenever playing roulette, make sure that you are having fun and not betting more than you can afford to lose.



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