Twitter Gives You Access

[twitter]If you Tweet, they will respond. Want some proof?

I’ve exchanged with some pretty cool people on Twitter. On the celeb side I’ve giggled when getting @ replies from Colin and Justin, Gary Vaynerchuk, and The Bachelor host Chris Harrison.

On the political side, Twitter has helped me engage with leaders and their staff. I’ve had Twitter exchanges with Elizabeth May, Michael Ignatieff, Tony Clement and Gilles Duceppe. I’ve tweeted with my Mayor Naheed Nenshi, my Alderman Richard Pootmans, various provincial candidates, Wild Rose Leader Danielle Smith and Stephen Carter, the Alberta Premier’s Chief of Staff.

I’ve also used Twitter to have questions answered by brands like Shaw, Starbucks, WestJet and RBC.

Twitter has given me access. None of those people would answer my call if I phoned their offices, but they did answer my tweet.

The latest Twitter exchange came with the man who invented this beautiful machine, Jack Dorsey.

As with many over the weekend, my pal JP Holecka was venting some frustration about the New, New Twitter. I responded, and look who was listening.

JP and I have the same frustrations with the new new Twitter that others have been detailing, none better than Gruber at Daring Fireball.

Twitter 4.0 for iPhone lacks the surprise, delight, and attention to detail of a deserving successor to Tweetie, offering instead a least common denominator experience that no one deserves.

When I replied to JP, I just included @Jack in a conversation about the new design. I didn’t @ him specifically, still – he was listening and he responded. You don’t have to follow everybody on Twitter. It’s about eavesdropping, its about listening about paying attention when it matters, as Jack did. Now if he can just bring the old app designs back.



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