[WATCH!] Using MeerkatApp To #Meerkat Some Meerkats At The Zoo

Using Meerkat to Meerkat Meerkats

[twitter]This is about as meta as it gets. On a recent visit to the Calgary Zoo, I fired up Meerkat, the live streaming video app that has gained momentum on Twitter, to meerkat some meerkats.

First was just one meerkat digging through a pile of grass for some food, and that was interesting until he ran and hid behind a log.

Then, a few steps down, was an entire mob of meerkats (that’s what you call them) all sleeping in a huge pile. Buried beneath, in the middle, was a little baby meerkat, while the rest of the mob slept on top of him/her.

Another meerkat was off to the side, watching guard, and watching me meerkat the meerkats.

This wasn’t the first social media use of the Meerkat App to meerkat some meerkats, in fact it’s a very popular past time, to meerkat meerkats at the zoo, and I did it too.

Here’s what it looked like:



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