While the rest of the world has been playing with pocket digital video cameras since last fall, the craze didnt hit officially hit Canada until this month. Finally both the Creative Vado and The Flip are at retail in the Great White North.

Here’s my side by side and back to back comparison of the Creative Vado and the Pure Digital Flip‘s video abilities.

Creative Vado vs Pure Digital Flip from buzzbishop on Vimeo.


Over all, I think the Flip ($159.99 at WalMart) takes better video, but the need for batteries and bulky size have me leaning towards the Vado‘s portability and pricepoint ($99.99 at Best Buy).

If you’re going to do one take, locked off video blogs, like Ian Watt, you could use either of these cameras. If you want to take video of your kids, or vacation, use the video mode on your digital camera, or buy a dedicated HD one.

Here’s the video I was talking about from Mostly Lisa.

Mostly Lisa takes the Canon G9 for a spin from Lisa Bettany on Vimeo.

catch the buzz… pass it on.

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