Luxury Evolved. The New Volvo S90.

Volvo S90
Volvo S90 presented with accessories
Volvo S90 presented with accessories

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You’ve earned it. You made it through the long hours, hard sweat, and tough times. And now, you can relax a little bit and celebrate your accomplishments.

That’s what luxury is about. Getting over the hump and getting to enjoy simple things that are more comfortable, more elegant, more stylish, more of what you deserve.

The kids are older, your career is firmly entrenched, the end of your mortgage is in sight and it’s time to celebrate.

Fancier restaurants, better clothes, longer vacations, and a vehicle in the driveway that is there because you want it.

Welcome to life with a Volvo S90.

Volvo S90 presented with accessories

Innovative Luxury

Volvo’s Scandinavian roots are celebrated throughout unique elements of the S90.

Nordic wood tones are featured in the dash and door accents. It is a natural, honest material that generates a feeling of authenticity while reinforcing the maker’s Scandinavian design heritage.


Innovative Design

Volvo’s Scandinavian approach means they design around people. The goal of the design team was to create a luxury vehicle that was still comfortable and user-friendly.

To that end, they took functional design elements and made them elegant. There is an aluminum form on the dash that wraps from the side vents to across the full interior. It’s beautiful, but isn’t just frivolous trim – it also holds the dash in place.


Simple design details are repeated throughout the vehicle giving it symmetry. The dashboard vents are positioned vertically rather than horizontally to give the centre stack display more prominence – the same way you would encase a jewel.

The side vents, continue the attention to detail as they are the same shape as the S90 tail lights.

The front end has been lengthened between dash and axle giving the vehicle a longer, luxurious line. The S90 has a powerful look, with the headlights given a stunning T design inspired by Thor’s hammer.

Volvo S90 presented with accessories

Innovative Technology

Every innovation is meant to simplify and improve your life. The Volvo S90 brings with it advances in efficient power, connectivity and safety.


The all-new Drive-E powertrains combine the low-fuel consumption and emissions of a four-cylinder engine with the performance of a six or eight-cylinder. The result is a smooth, powerful ride – with fewer stops at the pump.



Your personal devices are fully integrated with entertainment, navigation, and control. Hit the open road streaming music, listening to the radio, or listening to books through your favorite apps built in to Sensus. Use the Volvo On Call app on your smartphone to start your engine remotely and warm/cool the cabin, get roadside assistance, and lock/unlock doors.


Volvo has long built a reputation on safety, and the innovations with the S90 continue that legacy. Adaptive Cruise Control keeps you at a set distance between your Volvo and the car in front. It makes driving more relaxing, especially in slow moving city traffic. Active High Beam automatically senses other vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists and temporarily switches between low and high beams at night. There are available options for a 360 degree, birds’ eye view camera, park assist, and blind spot alerts.

The Volvo S90 is a true luxury sedan made for the modern world. Learn more at

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